My vision is to help change the face of men's health.  Very little support is offered to men as far as diagnosis & treatment are concerned.  Andrological issues such as infertility, impotence, prostatitis/pelvic pain (CP / CPPS), & BPH are the focus of my practice.  Call Yinstill Reproductive Wellness @ 604.873.9355 to set upp a free 15 minute phone Q&A.  Please browse this site for articles, research, and other related information. Some recommended products for treatment are listed, as well as information on acupuncture, Chinese medicine, & environmental concerns.

Fertility Tips for Your STUD

ARE HIS BALLZ TOXIC?  Does he know what's in the soap he washes his genitals with, or the non-organic cotton underwear that supports them? Unnatural fragrances, pesticides, sulphates, manufacturing chemicals, and a host of other molecular compounds, have been shown to have a negative impact on sperm.

Antioxidants Interfere with Ovulation - study shows

A study recently showed that antioxidant therapy may interfere with ovulation in female mice. It displayed the fact that a certain amount of reactive oxidative stress (that which antioxidants help 'clean up' in the body) is required for proper ovulation. Now lets take this with a grain of salt, as we should all scientific research, as they are usually done on mice or in a vacuum that ignores the whole of reality. That said, this should be cause for minor alarm, as once again, relying on western based thinking methodology, if someone says something is good for us, we over-do it (i.e. if vitamin C is good for the immune system, let's take a whole bunch of it!).

Poor Sperm = Poor Embryo Quality

More and more studies (in 'fertility & sterility' THE western medical journal all your IVF doctors read to keep up with research) are showing the correlation between sperm quality (in particular DNA fragmentation rate) and embryo quality.

Chinese herbs that have effect of eNOS expression (i.e. same function as viagra)

The purported effects of "circulation-improving" herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) show striking similarities with the vascular actions of nitric oxide (NO) produced by the endothelial NO synthase (eNOS). We have previously reported that Salviae miltiorrhizae radix (Dan Shen) and Zizyphi spinosae semen (da zao) upregulate eNOS expression.

Women do everything they can to optimize their fertility, why don't Men?

 I have a female patient that has been doing everything she can to ensure she is optimizing her fertility, supplements, exercising, dietary changes, regular acupuncture treatments, taking herbal medicine.  She has endometriosis & pcos.  She has now just finished 2 cycles with clomid, no luck so far.  Well, now what, of course, the fertility clinic says 'it is time for IVF'.  Well, I have another idea, and it corresponds with what everyone I know that works intimately with fertility thinks, let's treat the other major variable in this infertility scenario, THE MAN.  The husband of this woman has never been tested, has done nothing to his diet, does not exercise, is extremely overworked, does not take any supplements, and most certainly does not do acupuncture or herbal medicine.  Wouldn't it make sense, ESPECIALLY when the woman is displaying fertility issues, to optimize his sperm health, EVEN IF AN ANALYSIS SAYS IT IS OK?

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