Alternative Treatment for Prostatitis & CPPS (chronic pelvic pain syndrome)

I just wanted to share what I have been seeing really make a difference in my clinic for men suffering with prostatitis or cpps. It doesn't take long for conventional western medicine to fail men with these conditions, as there is really no treatment to be offered. If it is not a bacterial infection, certain drugs for urinary flow are often administered with some effect, as well anti-androgenic drugs (anti-testosterone). These have side effects and should not be taken long term, especially the anti-androgens (it should be noted that these adversely affect fertility and sperm). Surgical removal of parts of the prostate is another option. TURP, the term used for this surgery, rarely does much for anything but the urinary symptoms such as dribbling, poor flow, and frequency. Lastly, for the pain, anti-inflamatories such as ibuprophen are taken. If cases are extreme, experimental pain medications such as Lyrica may be prescribed. Daunting isn't it. Read on.

I am happy to be able to offer a few alternatives. Acupuncture can help with both the pain and urinary issues. It needs to be administered twice per week for 1 month as a first course of treatment, then reassessment is done on progress. Traditional diagnosis and modern understanding should be utilized when choosing point prescriptions. Herbal medicine is also quite effective for urinary issues, as well as reducing inflammation. I have seen simple dietary changes make prostatitis symptoms virtually disappear. Yes, for the time being beer and coffee have to go. Herbal sitz, suppositories, and enemas have also shown some promise, but are not as easy to get men to take. Lastly, pelvic floor muscular/breathing exercises can do wonders when relaxation of the region is required for symptom relief.

I am confident that your condition will improve with the incorporation of some of these alternative treatments.