My vision is to help change the face of men's health.  Very little support is offered to men as far as diagnosis & treatment are concerned.  Andrological issues such as infertility, impotence, prostatitis/pelvic pain (CP / CPPS), & BPH are the focus of my practice.  Call Yinstill Reproductive Wellness @ 604.873.9355 to set upp a free 15 minute phone Q&A.  Please browse this site for articles, research, and other related information. Some recommended products for treatment are listed, as well as information on acupuncture, Chinese medicine, & environmental concerns.

Treatment of Male Reproductive Conditions

For many years now I have been treating men suffering with conditions such as; male factor infertility (poor sperm parameters), premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low libido (testosterone), and prostate conditions such as prostatitis, BPH, and chronic pelvic pain (CPPS).  I have come to some overarching conclusions about the treatment and prognosis of these conditions, and not surprisingly, they are not that dis-similar to one another.  

Doctor Said My Swimmers Are Bad, Now What?

The facts

Male infertility affects 10% to 15% of reproductive aged couples worldwide. Since male infertility is such a common problem, it is important to understand the true role it plays in male health and relationships. Men diagnosed with infertility suffer intense negative sexual, personal, and social strains that might be considered typical for other medical illnesses such as cancer or heart disease.

Alternative Treatment for Prostatitis & CPPS (chronic pelvic pain syndrome)

I just wanted to share what I have been seeing really make a difference in my clinic for men suffering with prostatitis or cpps. It doesn't take long for conventional western medicine to fail men with these conditions, as there is really no treatment to be offered. If it is not a bacterial infection, certain drugs for urinary flow are often administered with some effect, as well anti-androgenic drugs (anti-testosterone). These have side effects and should not be taken long term, especially the anti-androgens (it should be noted that these adversely affect fertility and sperm). Surgical removal of parts of the prostate is another option. TURP, the term used for this surgery, rarely does much for anything but the urinary symptoms such as dribbling, poor flow, and frequency. Lastly, for the pain, anti-inflamatories such as ibuprophen are taken. If cases are extreme, experimental pain medications such as Lyrica may be prescribed. Daunting isn't it. Read on.

Testosterone & Being a STUD

Testosterone is a sex hormone in men required to be able to produce sperm. It is produced primarily in the testis and is especially abundant in young men. As we age, testosterone levels naturally decline. Statistically, at the age of 50, the decline becomes more rapid and gives way to male menopause (andropause).

Vitamin D Increases Sperm Motility

A study released recently from Denmark (300 men) showed vitamin D improving sperm motility, more specifically, progressive motility (which is the measure of motility that really matters). It was also shown that this positive effect was most significant in men that were deficient in vitamin D (Vancouver,...lack of sunlight?!?!). Full study article attached.

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